Ampand WIFI GSM GPRS English German Switchable RFID card Wireless Home Security Arm Disarm Alarm system APP Remote Control

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NOTE: English,Russian,Spanish,German,Polish,Chinese Switchable from Oct.3rd,2017,only English German before.

PG103 host support 2G GSM network, plz contact with us to customize before order if your country canceled 2G network and only have 3G network (eg: Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, the United States, Canada, Chile, Japan and so on). It needs extra 25$ to customize. Thank you!

WIFI / GSM / GPRS intranet alarm system

APP push,SMS,Voice monitoring,intranet center etc.

Support different alarm channels.Enjoy the intelligent life

New smart host

HD 2.4-inch TFT color display screen,full voice prompts

buttons sensitive operation,more simple

English/Russian/Spanish/German/Polish/Chinese switchable

Support multi-language menu display, voice operation prompts and alarm SMS settings.

GSM network automatic proofreading,to ensure accurate clock,support time zone settings,

Convenient for multi-area application

Remotely monitoring alarm

When accident invasion,the phone remotely grasp the situation,high decibel live alarm

through the host timely dial,send SMS notification,APP message push

Configure RFID cards

Configure 2 RFID cards,Support 100 learning/storage location for remote controller,

RFID cards and wireless detector

Multi-zone location settings

Such as gate,hall,SOS,bedroom,Window,balcony,perimeter,smoke,gas,

Carbon monoxide,water leaking etc zone name settings

5 types defense zones setting

Ordinary zone,stay arm,24-hour emergency zone,closed zone,

doorbell zone,Meet a variety of needs

Timely notification

When External power failure,built-in battery low power,APP push and SMS notification

When External power success,APP push

When Tamper alarm,SMS notification

5 groups preset alarm phone numbers

SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively

Timing arm and disarm

Set the arm and disarm in advance,so that life is safe every day

Delay function

User can set arm delay and alarm delay according to own needs

Product package

All the sets
without original retail box,
need extra 3.5$/set
if you want it.

Add camera

Work with camera,when Accidental invasion, You can remotely monitor the situation immediately,

speak and scare away thieves

Product Size

Product Details


  • Input Voltage: DC5V/1A(micro USB jack)
  • Standby Current: <80uA
  • Working Current: <120mA
  • Siren output: <500mA
  • Wireless Frequency: 433MHZ EV1527
  • GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
  • Back-up Battery: 3.7V/500mAh Lithium battery
  • Working temperature: 0~55 ℃

APP download

IOS: please search “smart security system” in app store

Android: please search”PNCE600_CN” in play store, to download app

Installation diagram

Door sensor installation:double-sided adhesive attached to the door or window,

align the scale line, the installation spacing should less than 1cm

PIR sensor installation:Appropriate installation height is 1.8-2.2M from the ground

Use screws to fix on the wall,adjust mount to appropriate angle


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