Freeshipping 1/4/5m WS2812B LED strip 30/60/96/144 leds/m 2812 Pixels/m RGB full color WS2812 IC Black/White PCB IP30/65/67 5V

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1m 100 IP301m 100 IP651m 100 IP671m 144 IP301m 144 IP651m 144 IP671m 30 IP301m 30 IP651m 30 IP671m 60 IP301m 60 IP651m 60 IP671m 96 IP301m 96 IP651m 96 IP674m 60 IP304m 60 IP654m 60 IP675m 30 IP305m 30 IP655m 30 IP675m 60 IP305m 60 IP655m 60 IP67

parameters and specifications:

Input voltage:DC5v

Grey scale:256

Bits/color: 8-bits/color

PCB color: Black/White

Colors: Full color RGB, dream color changing

Pixels/meter:30leds/m, 60leds/m, 74leds/m,96leds/m,100leds/m, 144leds/m

length:1m/4m/5m (the length as you choose)

Protection rate: IP30/ IP65 /IP67

IP30: Non- waterproof

IP65: Waterproof in Silicon Coating

IP67: Waterproof in SiliconTube

Power: 0.3w/leds





100leds/m—-30watt/meter (100leds/m only black PCB ,no white PCB)



1.Each LED is controlled separately, and you can manipulate the color and brightness of his or her own.

2.Each LED can be cut off without damaging the rest strip, You can shorten, lengthen or bend it freely if you want.

3.It has a 3pin jst-sm connector, with a separate power/ground connection at both ends for easy.

4.installationAddressable integrated circuit ,easy to program,can edit animation effect by Coreldraw/Flash/LedEdit software.

5.Long life, not easy to damage, with outer glue protection, waterproof and easy to clean, but not long soa.


1.The LED strip is made of 50cm FPCB, so each 50cm led strip has a solder joint.The solder point will not effect on the strip’s performance.Most of the LED strips on the market are manufactured to a half meter length.

2.Using voltage 5V. higher than 6V will destroy it.

3.We also can design the specifications what you want,please let us know.

4.If you need more data of WS2812B, please let us know and we will send it to you.

5.If you need better led strip performance, you can use a ws2812b 14keys controller or a programmable controller K-1000C.Special offers and product promotions will give you a choice.

6.If the pressure drop occurs, please connect the power source or replace it at the other end.

Widely Application:

Making led screen, led wall, advertising board, apply to hotel, KTV, bars, Outdoor advertising signs, Festivel Christmas or wedding party decoration.

60leds/m-ip30-black/white pcb

60leds/m-ip65-black/white pcb

60leds/m-ip67-black/white pcb

Package:in anti-static bag,IP30 IP65 with 3M adhensive tape on the back

(IP67 without 3M adhensive)

each strip with one free male connector for connector

Promotional price:

ws2812b – 4m – 60leds/m – white pcb – ip30:


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