HOMSECUR Wireless Wireless GSM SMS Autodial Intruder Alarm Main Panel for Our 433Mhz GSM Alarm System

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A1-1A2-1A4A6A8Alarm Main Panel

HOMSECUR® Wireless GSM Autodial Intruder Alarm Panel Only for Our 433Mhz GSM Alarm System

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Protect Your Home When You Are Away and at Home This burglar alarm system incorperates all the necesseray functions to give you a stable and reliable security for residential and business security. It not only protects your house while you are out, but also protects you while you are at home. The home arm function enables you to arm a part of sensors, then you can walk around freely at home while doors and windows are secure, so you don’t need to worry about burglary while you are sleeping. With Android/iPhone App, Phone call and SMS, you can control the alarm from anywhere in the world, enjoy the peace of mind of home/office security. Trigger the Burglar Alarm System The burglar alarm system will be triggered by motion sensor, door/window sensor, glass break sensor, smoke sensor, SOS button and many other wireless/wired detectors. If thief want to break your door/window to get in your house, the door/window sensor and PIR motion sensor will trigger the alarm system alarm. All of these things will make it very hard for anyone to get into your home or business and help you keep enjoy all the comforts of your family. Automatically Contacts Your Family When the Alarm is Triggered When the alarm is triggered, the alarm panel will send an SMS to the phone numbers saved on the alarm panel. The SMS contains time and date as well as information about which sensor has triggered the alarm, the alarm panel will also auto dial to the preset phone number. Once dialed, the recipient can then listen in and even broadcast their voice over the control unit to scare away the intruder, the 120dB wired siren will also sound on the spot at the same time. You can also record some voice(less than 10 seconds) into the system, then you will hear the preset voice records when you answer the alarm call. SOS Function With Two-Way Talking This alarm system with the advanced technology of Two-Way SOS talking. It is the combination of powerful home security alarm system and SOS Emergency Call function. By pressing SOS button on control panel or remote controller, the alarm system will be triggered with sounding siren for attention and automatically dial the designated phone numbers to enable on-site communication. It provides great convenience in case of emergency, especially for kids, seniors, disables and people who may need help. 5 Reasons to Choose Our HOMSECUR® Alarm System 1. HOMSECUR® Branded Product & Service Since 2011, we have sold thousands of HOMSECUR® alarm systems, receiving excellent customer feedbacks, this alarm system is our new generation alarm system. Purchasing this alarm system from us, you will alsoenjoy our satisfactory and hassle-free service whenever you need help. 2. Built-in PIR Sensor & Tamper Alarm Function This alarm panel built-in a PIR sensor, if burglar want to damage the alarm control panel, it will trigger system alarm before he approaching the alarm control panel. There is a tamper button at the back side of the panel, it will make alarm once the button is loosened. 3. Blue Backlight for LCD Screen & Keypad The LCD Screen and Keypad of this control panel is designed with blue backlight for convenient operation even at night. 4. 150° Ultra-wide Viewing Angle With top quality LCD screen, this HOMSECUR® alarm system supports an ultra-wide viewing angle up 150°, enabling usage for people with different heights. 5. Elegant Design with High Accuracy Advanced PIR motion sensors and door/window sensors are wirelessly connected with control panel to detect any suspicious movement or forceful break-in, providing accurate and real-time protection. Portable remote controls allow you to arm, disarm, home arm and SOS arm your alarm system. ♦ Installation Guide Specification We also provide other HOMSECUR® Wireless & Wired accessories for sale. What’s In

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Alarm Panel with Power Adapter: 1Pcs

A1-1 PIR Motion Sensor (battery not included): 1Pcs

A2-1 Door Sensor (battery not included): 2Pcs

A4 Remote Controller (battery not included): 2Pcs

A8 Smoke Sensor (battery not included): 1Pcs

A6 External Flash Siren (battery not included): 1Pcs

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