Light Black Car Headlights Taillight Film Fog Lights Sticker Tint Film 30X120cm

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Name: Headlight Taillight Fog Light Vinyl Tint Film
Model: SKU564691
Light transmittance: 90 (%)
Insulation rate: -80 (%)
Color: Light Black
Size: 30x120cm
UV protection rate: 95 (%)
Visible light reflectance: 95 (%)

First affixed to the fog lamp, the effect is very good, immediately improve the overall body sensory, paste does not like can be exposed at any time, not to hurt the lamp, leaving no residue, does not affect the car as it is.
All the light transmission film, not only has a waterproof, sunscreen, good light transmission, smooth surface, stretching extensibility and durable advantages, more convenient to replace the characteristics.

Operation Guide
The first step: first with a damp cloth to paste the part of the wipe clean. And blow dry.
Step 2: When the paste, from a small part of the beginning, slowly hardened and scraped with a scraper, if found to have bubbles, you can only tear and then slowly flattened, hit the tail light surface , Only a little heat, there is a strong ductility, can be stretched.
Finally, only the outline of the lamp along the light membrane around the excess part of the cut, great success.
(Please change the color light film stickers need to be careful.
Removal: turn off the lights and other shell cooling for some time, feeling the hand of a direct tear off!
Remember not to remove in the case of cold or overheating.

Package Included
1 x Light Vinyl Tint Film


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