Magic Sponge Eraser Kitchen duster wipes Home Clean Accessory/Microfiber Dish Cleaning Melamine sponge nano wholesale 10*6*2cm

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Pure white! Quality melamine sponge magic eraser supplier

Quality Melamine sponge eraser manufacturer

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Size Available:10*7*3 cm / 10*6*2.5 cm / 10*6*2 cm / 1 cube

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1. Natural antibacterial, super validity.
2. Don’ t contain any chemical ingredients, non-toxic.
3. Only use water can remove stain or dirt.
4. Can be widely used in the kitchen, bathroom, office, hotel, restaurant etc
5. Cut it optionally in different size, appplies to the convex and concave surface.

How to use
1. Soak sponge into the water
2. Then squeeze the eraser to remove most of the water
3. Gently rub sponge over dirt, smudges!
4. Rinse the eraser after uses gently.
5. Please store the sponge eraser without water in clean places, and away from the direct sunshine


It can not be eat, please keep away from kids and pets.
Cut off the power if used on electric appliances.
In oder to keep long service life of the sponge, pls use it in correct way.


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