Super quality Ultra Gloss 5D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap 4D Texture Super Glossy 5D Carbon Film With Size: 10/20/30/40/50/60x152cm


SKU: 32739111638
Black 3D textureBlack 4D textureblue 3d textureBlue 4D textureCrystal blueGoldGrey 3D textureGrey 4D texturePinkRedSilver 3D textureSilver 4D texture
10cm x 152cm20cm x 152cm30cm x 152cm40cm x 152cm50cm x 152cm60cm x 152cm

Item Name : 5D Carbon Fiber

Color: Black,RED,Blue,silver,GREY

Size: 10/20/30/40/50/60x152cm/Lot

PVC thickness: 0.16mm

Release paper thickness: 140g

Materials : PVC

Resistant Temperature: -40°c~90°c (-40°F~194°F)

Adhesive : High quality movable glue

Warranty: Outdoor 3 Years, indoor 6 years.

NOTE: If you purchased the car stickers quantities greater than 2, we will roll them together. Please turn it on after receiving the parcel.

Buyer Note:

Due to the use of special materials, if you receive stickers wrinkled,

or even creases, please do not worry, just tile, hand can heal.

Carbon fiber sticker pasted instructions:

1: To clean the surface paste

2: Prepare a glass of water before you put the sticker evenly

sprayed on the surface of the need to paste

3: Sticker and bottom paper separation and spray evenly glass of


4: Sticker flat surface attached to the need to paste

5: blade completely out of the water, (this step is very important !!

Otherwise the future will produce bubbles!) In order to ensure a

smooth surface

6: Edge need to use a gun or hair dryer bake baked to ensure that

the edges smooth and firm.

If it is a large area of the paste, it is recommended to find a car

beauty shop professionals to help.


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